Hello and Welcome to my homepage trauma-healing!

My name is Dirk Johannsen and I have my praxis in Bad Nauheim near Frankfurt. I’m specialised in working with traumatised people.
On the one hand, we have shock trauma caused by accidents, assaults and surgeries. On the other hand, we have developmental trauma caused by non-optimal behaviour of our parents or foster parent or whoever was responsible for the child.

Shock trauma

The trauma doesn’t stick in the event, it’s stick to the body. Shock trauma has effects on the fascial system. For example, I had a client with a stiff neck. It was caused by an accident as a child 60 years ago. After the treatment, she could turn her head much better. For the treatment of shock trauma, I use the method Somatic Experiencing ®.

Development trauma

Even though I always thought, I had a happy childhood, meanwhile I realised not everything was ideal. For example, my mother was always ill. So instead of getting support, I supported her. We distinguish in the development of a child in skills it never learned and skills it learned, but suppressed it since our parents couldn’t handle it. Developmental trauma has effects on the muscle system as well. For the treatment of development trauma, I use the method Bodynamic®.


Another good support for both kinds of trauma is Craniosacral Balancing®. I learned this method in 1997/98 and it helps a lot in the treatments.


That I don’t translate all of my pages and articles. I spend my time rather for my clients and my education.
For the methods you will find plenty of information on international pages.
If you have a special kind of humour, you might use an automatic translation for my articles.

My offer

I give sessions in English. I spent one year in 92/93 in Norwich and Aberdeen. I have clients from England and Brussels. So, feel welcome to get in contact with me for a treatment in your mother tongue or a common international language.

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